The latest ban on 118 Chinese apps, including PUBG Mobile, has been implemented by the Indian government. This actually made the gaming industry of the country, especially our favorite battle royale game, suffer from a shower of shock and disappointment. Nevertheless, one of the most formidable opponents of PUBG Mobile - Call of Duty Mobile - is not affected by the ban at all - at least until this moment. 

China Ban
Will the Indian government put a ban on Call of Duty Mobile?

However, fans of COD Mobile still have a ton of reasons to worry about. If any link of the game referred to China, it can be prohibited with no hesitation. Therefore, to shed light on the current nerve of Indian COD Mobile fans, the origin of the game will be clearly clarified in this article. 

Where does Call of Duty Mobile come from?

Being part of the Call of Duty franchise, COD Mobile was developed and published by Activision for Android and iOS. In detail, Activision is a US-based video game company in Santa Monica, California. 

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COD Mobile was developed and published by Activision, and Activision is a US-based video game company in Santa Monica, California.

But actually, the mobile version of Call of Duty was not developed by Activision itself. Instead, it was transferred to TiMi Studios - a subsidiary that belongs to Tencent Holdings, which is also a famous Chinese game publishing company of PUBG Mobile. 

So COD Mobile is a Chinese app, isn’t it?

The answer is definitely "No". Although COD Mobile was developed by TiMi Studios, it was not originated and created in China. The Indian government only banned some Chinese apps with the aim of protecting its citizens’ private data. 

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The answer is definitely "No".

As COD is officially published and controlled by Activision that is located in the US, as well as Garena, based in Singapore, there is no reason for the privacy concern over COD Mobile.