An evil empire has almost obliterated an entire alien race and stolen all the precious sacred gems! A tiny alien made it out of the chaos alive and is now on a noble mission to restore the lost gems and bring back the universe’ order. Guess what, the game’ name is Tiny Alien too!

Tiny Alien
Tiny Alien is an upcoming space-themed arcade shooter game on mobiles.

Our "tiny alien"

Our main character is a little green guy who can’t keep bouncing. It’s safe to say that the fate of our universe depends on him and it’s your job to help our dude as much as you can. Bounce your way pass various out-of-this-world locales and progress through a fast-paced arcade with multiple space levels!

For your information, our little guy owns a little drone that does the shooting for him. It will fire the moment any nearby threats appear, so do your best to jump, dodge and maneuver.

Tiny Alien
Can you defeat the evil empire and bring back the sacred gems with our Tiny Alien?

Having trouble facing powerful enemies? Worry no more as handy power ups are here to assist you. Such equipment can change the way the drone shoots and it's therefore really worth trying out all of them! Lots of fearsome bosses are waiting for you to battle, so arm and equip yourself well with more fire power!

Main game features

For fans of action, this fun little arcade shooter is definitely a must. Having a classic sprite artwork and simple arcade genre, Tiny Alien owns the features of an addictive game:

  • Fast-paced arcade platforming game that lets you ump and shoot your way through space
  • Sweet Pixel graphics and Boy vs Bacteria’ music
  • Various power-ups and tough bosses to beat
  • Unlock new characters as you progress in the game
  • Haptic Feedback on available devices!
  • Leaderboards & Achievements system

Keep an eye out for its release as Tiny Alien is coming to the App Store on April 24th, 2019.