AIDIS, Inc. is a global publisher and developer of mobile games. Recently, the company has made a huge announcement, marking the official launch of the mobile RPG Last Cloudia. According to them, after the successful launch in Japan earlier, the game will proceed to launch on a global scale later in 2019. In case you find the name of this studio familiar, you might have known them being the developer of Grand Summoners, alongside Good Smile Company.

Last Cloudia
Last Cloudia, by AIDIS, Inc. - a former developer of Grand Summoners.

In this mobile RPG “Last Cloudia”, players should expect magnificent cinematic-style landscapes as well as an extensive storyline. Generally, it’s about how humans collaborate and work with monsters in order to save the endangered world. Let's take a closer look at the game through the trailer below:

Meet Kyle & Rei

To begin, meet your friendly impulsive knight and master swordsman, Kyle! In addition, befriend with Rei, an injured beast with amnesia that flies with one wing. The two companions with then embark on a brand-new adventure, encountering countless creatures, both friends and enemies. In Last Cloudia, players get to experience the amazing real-time system of combat. Within this dynamic system, you can easily spot the pixel-art characters made extremely detailed. Also, there are incredible visual effects and refreshing 3D backgrounds as well.

Last Cloudia
Visually, the game looks absolutely stunning!

Character system

At the same time, the character system in Last Cloudia is highly remarkable. Each and every character is unique and has their own flexible skillset. Because of that, players can have the freedom in creating different teams of different combat style.

Last Cloudia
Last Cloudia features a wide range of characters and skillsets.


Furthermore, there are special artifacts named “Arks” in Last Cloudia. You might be wondering what are they and what do they do? Well, by equipping “Arks”, you can immediately improve the stats and skills of any character. These boosts include damage increase, faster recovery and much more.

In summary, that’s everything we know about Last Cloudia so far. The game should be out this year for both iOS and Android. Stay tuned for more information about this great mobile RPG.