League of Wonderland is SEGA’s newest offering to the mobile platform. It's a free-to-play strategy game that features popular characters from fairytales, myths, and even history, albeit with an anime spin. We first reported on this one when it was put up for pre-registration on the Play Store at the beginning of July, and now, a release date has been confirmed: The 30th of September.

League of Wonderland Announcement Trailer

Pulling characters from 3 completely different sources – each of which is already fairly broad – means there’s quite a bit of variety and weirdness here. Expect to see Alice from Alice in Wonderland appearing alongside the Greek God Zeus. The idea here is that these characters have all finished their original stories and are now fighting against one another for some reason. Guess it’s best not to dwell on the logic behind it too much. It’s only a game after all.

League Of Wonderland
The game features popular characters from fairytales, myths, and even history

Anyway, in term of the gameplay, each player will have a deck of 8 cards with which they have to destroy the opponent’s towers within the time limit of 2 minutes to become the victor. You’ll do this by sending minions down the three lanes connecting the two sides, deploying heroes where they are needed. Basically, it’s SEGA’s own version of Clash Royale.

League Of Wonderland Screenshot 1
Destroy your opponent's towers to achieve victory

We were pretty skeptical about League of Wonderland when we first laid eyes on it, as it appeared to be just another Clash Royale clone. In fact, we still are, but the game does appear to be doing something a bit different. It will feature special abilities called 'Draw Shots,' which are basically skills that you unleash by swiping on your screen with your finger. It’s at least a nice gimmick that makes good use of a feature unique to mobile devices. Also, it’ll allow players to observe other people’s games and bet on who will win, which is a fun way to earn some extra in-game currency.

League of Wonderland is launching globally on both Google Play and the App Store on the 30th of September, and you can pre-register for it right now if you are interested. As expected, it’ll be a free-to-play title with IAPs included.