Apex Legends Mobile has finally come out globally, bringing the unique battle royale experience to mobile. However, in comparison with the normal version on console and PC, the amount of content on mobile is rather lacking. On release, it has only 1 map compared to the 4 in the normal version.

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At least the game has a number of different game modes to prevent the one map from becoming too boring. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase a complete list of all playable game modes in Apex Legends Mobile.

1. Battle Royale and Ranked Battle Royale

These are the standard modes of Apex Legends. Both are the same gameplay-wise, however, players need to reach account level 8 to participate in Ranked.

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In Apex's version of BR, 20 squads of 3 compete in the arena to be the last squad standing. This is very different from the usual 100-man in PUBG or 50-man in Free Fire. There is no option for going solo and players must learn how to work as a team. While the PC/Console version has 4 maps in 2 formats duo and trio, the mobile version only has trio on the original King's Canyon map.

Depending on the rank reached at the end of a Ranked Season, rewards such as Badges, Charms, and Dive Trails are awarded.

2. Team Deathmatch

The addition of the Team Deathmatch mode to Apex Legends mobile has surprised pretty much everyone, as the standard version of the game does not have it. Players can unlock this mode upon reaching account level 5.

Apex Legends Mobile Team Deathmatch

In this mode, two squads of six players each would compete against each other. The first squad to reach the target kill score would win the match. There are two variants of TDM: base respawn (where the teams respawn at a single predetermined base) and random respawn (where the respawn spot is randomly selected).

3. Firing Range

A small map where Legends have access to all items in the game (minus Survival items) and can train their aim against DUMMIEs and other targets. If joined with one or two other teammates in a party, it's possible to toggle friendly fire on and off in order to fight with them.

4. Arena

Arenas feature two teams of three battling each other over multiple rounds. The objective for each round is to eliminate all members of the opposing team. There is no respawning in this mode, but downed players can still be revived. Players drop all their loot when eliminated.

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This mode takes inspiration from other tactical shooters like Valorant and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, as players need to buy their gear in between rounds.

5. Quick Match

If players dislike the length of the standard battle royale mode, Quick Match is a perfect solution to the issue. It greatly shrinks down the size of the map and cut off dead zones, allowing players to get right into the action.

If you want to play battle royale but don’t have time for a full round or want to experience close-quarters combat without Arenas or Team Deathmatch, this is a good alternative.

6. Flashpoint

Flashpoint is a special mode that adds several zones called Beacons to the standard BR maps. No healing items spawn anywhere on the map and players can only recover health and armor while standing inside the beacon zone.


7. Armed and Dangerous

In this mode, the only available weapons are sniper rifles and shotguns, and only very few Common body shields can be found. The general gist of this mode is sudden death: most players can be killed in a single shot.

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