When thinking of shooter, players would assume that all games will follow one typical motif as this genre is so hard to be innovated. That will no longer be the case with the introduction of Backfire. Imagine how fun it is when the characters have to fire backward, and that is what Backfire is bringing. This new indie game is already available on Android.

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The game is simple but is hard enough for you to get addicted to

In this title, you will play the role of an exorcist and the utmost target is to purify an ancient curse. Your travel vehicle will be a ship. Unlike other normal ships, this one can only set fire from the back. This is also what makes this game different: you will have to encounter your enemies, not by facing them, but literally by flying away from them.

Find out more about the game in the trailer here:

The developers also implemented several ways for players to level-up their game. There are 4 bosses battles, 8 weapons to choose from, and many ways to upgrade your ship.

As simple as the game might sound, it gained many positive feedbacks of the gamers. Most of the players said the game is fun, it challenges them but not too difficult to get them frustrated. Here is a 5-star comment from a Google Play Store user: “Very fun game! Controls work really well for the type of game it is, lots of weapons to upgrade, just an all around fun game to play in short spurts or longer sessions! Highly recommend you give it a shot!”

With awesome features, your road to clearing the ancient curse will be full of surprises

Another feedback from a Reddit user from 1 month ago:

If you need a fresh wind that can change your concept of shooting games, Blackfire is exactly what you need. Visit Google Play and download the game for now.