Hunter x Hunter is a shounen manga that was first published in 1998. Up to now, it has become one of the most successful mangas ever made. It is very well-know because of its attractive storyline but also the distinctive battles.

Hunter X Hunter Greed Adventure 2 690x389
HunterxHunter's characters

There have been many games based on Hunter x Hunter, and now, the new game Hunter x Hunter: Greed Adventure is heading to mobile in the near future.

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Hunter x Hunter: Greed Adventure takes place during the Greed Island arc, one of the most well-known arcs among the series. Because the game is pretty close to the original arc, Hunter x Hunter fans will find some very familiar quests and characters. Users will follow Gon and Killua to Greed Island as a test player. At Greed Island, they meet Sufika, a mysterious girl who may be a beginner. They will continue the adventure together but Gon and Killua still have a lot of questions about Sufika’s real condition. What is hiding beneath the surface? No one knows.

From left to right: Sufika, Gon and Killua

4 days ago, a new trailer of Greed Adventure was out. Finally, we have a hint about the gameplay of this upcoming game. It is a 3D action role-playing game with tap-and-swipe based controls. Users control characters to release Nen abilities by cards. Hunter x Hunter: Greed Adventure also has a multiplayer mode. In addition, the artwork is very close to the original series, which recalls memories of Greed Island.

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One battle in the game

According to publisher Bandai Namco, the game will be launched this winter in Japan on both iOS and Android. Unfortunately, there is no official confirmation about releasing it in other nations. However, the number of Japan games that have an international version is high so we shouldn't worry. For now, let's just wait for Bandai Namco’s further announcements in the future.