Max: The Curse of Brotherhood is an adventure game from Press Play, an indie studio. It is the direct sequel to Max & the Magic Marker, which came out in 2010. However, the setting of this sequel is much darker than its predecessor.

The protagonist of the game is, as you might guess, Max. At first glance, he appears to be just a normal boy, living a normal life. There is more to him than meets the eye, though, as he possesses a magical marker.

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One day, Max returns home from school to find Felix, his little brother, playing in his room and breaking his favorite toys. Annoyed, Max searches the internet to find a way to get rid of his brother. Immediately he comes across a spell that claims it can make people disappear. He performs the spell and, to his dismay, it actually works. A mysterious portal appears, and from it, a monstrous claw reaches out and grabs Felix, pulling him into the unknown. Without hesistation, Max leaps in after his brother, and ends up in a strange, unfriendly world ruled by an evil entity called Lord Mustacho and his servants. Filled with guilt and regret, Max vows to rescue his brother at all cost. Of course, he won’t be alone on his quest. He has his trusty magic marker at his side.

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Overcome perilous challenges to save your brother

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood is a platform-adventure game set in a 2.5D environment. In this game, you will have to navigate your way through mysterious forests, pass dangerous monsters and deadly chasms. To do this, you will need to rely a lot on your magic marker. It acts as your weapon to defend against monsters and can also be used to draw objects out of thin air. This gives you a lot of freedom to use your creativity to solve whatever problems you encounter. As you progress further and further into the story, the marker gains more power, allowing you to solve more complex puzzles.

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood is an interesting game with stunning graphics and a touching story about brotherly love. It has been available on other platforms for a while, but now you can get this game on the App Store for your iOS phone with a price of $4.99.