Don't miss the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang's on-going event called "11/11 Crazy Event". From November 11th to 15th, players can get up to a 50% discount on certain skins as well as tons of other rewards. On top of that, the game guarantees to offer an Elite Skin for free on the first draw.

Claim A Free Elite Skin and Other Rewards in Mobile Legends

The 11/11 Crazy Event gives players a chance to win free skins, diamond promos, and gigantic discounts at the shop. The Mobile Legends event calendar is packed for the whole week.

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Get an Elite Skin for free if you pre-order the sale

Each match of Mobile Legends will also provide x2 the Battle Points. In the period between 11th-15th November 2020, log in to the game to find up to 50% discount on all skins and a 20% discount for the magic wheel. Players can also pre-order and win an Elite Skin for free as part of the 11.11 Crazy Sale. Hit the Pre-order button and get a chance to participate in the Double 11 Diamond Vault.

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Don't miss out on the ongoing events

Is Mobile Legends Legal in India?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. If you may recall, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang was one of the 59 Chinese made applications that received a ban from the Government of India in June 2020. It was in the first ban wave of the country following the concern of personal information insecurity. The app allegedly stole and transfer users' data to sources outside of India. Hence, it has been completely removed from all local app stores.

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Get up tp 50% off skins

Players from other regions can still access and download MLBB on Google Play Store or Apple App Store.