Massively multiplayer online games often use fantasy worlds as their settings, with mythical beings like dragons, orcs, elves or giants. But there is another setting that has a lot of potentials: Space. After all, when it comes “massive”, what could best the vast emptiness between the stars?  Furthermore, fantasy worlds are still subjected to certain limitations like gravity or physical borders. In space, on the other hand, anything is possible.

Of course, there have been many games that take place in space, including a fair share of mobile games. However, there hasn’t been a really good space MMO on mobile that can match the experience that EVE Online on PC provides.

Rogue Universe Gameplay

Developer MUSTGAMES wants to change that with their new mobile space MMO Rogue Universe.

The game will take you into space in “universe year” 1983. You will have to complete missions, gather resources, construct a fleet of spaceships, and more. From a humble beginning, you will rise to take over the entire universe.

How you lead a virtual life in space is completely up to you. You can choose to be a scoundrel who raids and pillages others’ planets, or you can play as a nice guy and team up with other players against NPCs.

A Rogue Universe is waiting

Naturally, you will have a chance to participate in epic spaceship battles in Rogue Universe, but there are more to the game than that. You will have to pay attention to several micromanagement details. They include building and reinforcing your ships, sending your crew on various missions, creating battle plans before engaging enemies, and more.

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The Rogue Universe is dominated by three big factions: U.N.S., Zurich Bank, and Black Flag. Which ones you decide to side with and which to oppose is up to you. However, it will determine which parts of the universe you can fly through safely and which will be full of enemies.  You can switch allegiances midway through the game to suit your need, though.

Rogue Universe promises to be a wild ride with tons of content to explore and gorgeous visuals. It is now available on App Store and Google Play in certain parts of the world.

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