Made by developer Trickster Arts, Monolisk in an upcoming action-RPG title that has been worked on for quite some time. The brand-new project features awesome art-style, alongside the interesting environments that remind people of the classic action-RPG Bastion.

Monolisk, by developer Trickster Arts.

Game overview

Monolisk now offers five distinct customizable characters to play. At the same time, the game features a wide variety of loots to go with them. As an action title with elements of RPG, CCG (Collectible Card Game) and to some extent, Mario Maker, it was quite a familiar experience for fans of the genre.

Monolisk art-style looks invigorating and feels refreshingly smooth.

Shard Creations

However, it’s the ability to create your own dungeons (or Shards as the game calls them) and share with others that makes Monolisk outstanding. In order to do that, you need to collect cards to present environments, monsters and items. After making a Shard, you can share it online for others to try them out.

Different environments in Monolisk.

Community factor

Whoever plays a creation of yours can rate it afterwards and even recommend others to do the same. Especially, if you receive extremely positive ratings, you can earn additional loots as well, as a motivation. Generally speaking, the concept is pretty cool and also not that familiar among mobile titles.

Customizable character with different skills, gears and cosmetics.

After the first teaser back in May, developer Trickster Arts has recently published a brand-new video on Shard making. In the video, we can see the typical process of creating a Shard that features Red Knight, by Khrypt. Without further ado, let’s take a look at it:

So, what’s your initial impression on the first sneak-peeks of Monolisk?

In summary

To be honest, it’s really cool that we get to see a video showing off the game like this. In fact, it somewhat proves that the game has been making great progress over the past few months. Hopefully, we’re getting closer to the final release, although Trickster Arts hasn’t spoken anything about that just yet. Stay tuned for more updates!

Feel free to visit Monolisk official website for more information as well as a chance to participate in the beta test.