Legends of Runeterra, the upcoming card game from League of Legends developer Riot Games, has now entered its 2nd test weekend. This time around, it comes with a draft mode called ‘Expedition’ that adds some new ideas to the traditional draft formula often seen in other card games.

Of course, you’ll be able to build your own deck by picking from random cards. These picks come in two different types: Synergy and Wild. The former are randomly-generated cards that are based on the archetypes that you’ve already selected, while the latter are, well, completely wild. They can help you further diversify your deck, and sometimes you might even come across something so great that you’ll completely change your intention.

Once you’ve finished drafting, it’ll be time to actually jump into the game. Each Expedition will last until you reach 7 wins or you lose twice in a row. When you get to 6 wins, the last game will be “instant death”, which means the run ends regardless of whether you win or lose.

Between the Expedition matches, you’ll be allowed to switch things up a little bit with your deck. After a certain number of matches, you’ll have the chance to add new picks to your deck, and there will also be trade rounds where some random cards from your deck will be chosen and put in front of some other random cards. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to make the trade or keep your current cards.

Lor Level D200_wm
There are plenty of cards to customize your deck with

If you fail to get 7 wins, don’t worry, as each Expeditions allows you 2 Trials, which means you get another chance to draft a new deck and try again within that same Expedition. Whichever Trial that has the better record will be the one taken into consideration to determine your rewards.

And on the topic of rewards, you are guaranteed a Champion card after every Expedition, even if you do terribly. However, if you manage to get more wins, you’ll have a better chance of getting nicer rewards such as rare card packs. You can do up to 3 Expeditions for rewards every week. After that, you’ll still be able to participate in Open Matches, but these won’t give you any rewards.

Legends Of Runeterra 6352_wm
Win Expeditions to get rewards

Do note, though, that Legends of Runeterra is still in its testing phase right now, so some of these features might still be subjected to changes before the game’s actual release. Stay tuned for more updates.