On October 3, game developer 2K released the mobile version of NBA 2K19 on iOS. This is the latest installment to its basketball simulator franchise NBA. This is the simplified version of the game on console, with reduced graphics and features to make it suitable for the mobile platform. Still, it retains the arguably most crucial feature of a competitive sport game: The online mode. With this, players can compete with each other, and that is no doubt a lot more fun than playing with the computer.

NBA 2K19 Mobile Preview

Now, 2K has finally made the game available for players on Android devices. However, for some unknown reason this Android version does not have an online mode. While there are some players who do not mind, the majority is put off by this omission.

There is a single player story mode, in which you will go through the history of NBA and everything in it, down to the players. Also, the career mode of the game have you play as a young athlete with the goal of becoming an NBA star. Along the way, the main character will have to build relationships with others, learn more about humility, and work on his flaws. Still, for some fans, these are not enough to make up for the lack of online Player-versus-player gameplay.

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NBA 2K19 gameplay

Another important feature that the Android version is missing is the sound of the ball. That means you will not hear anything when the characters dribble, pass or shoot the ball. Other sounds are still there, such as the sound of shoes scraping on the floor when the characters move or the audience cheering, but the absence of ball sounds really does take a lot away from the gameplay experience. There is currently no explanation for this, since the iOS version does have ball sounds.

Despite the lack of important features, the Android version of NBA 2K19 Mobile still cost $7.99, the same as the iOS version. Plus, even though the game makes you pay for it, it still has a lot of ads that you have to suffer through. These are major flaws that 2K has to work on if it wants to make the game appealing to anyone except hardcore fans of the franchise on Android.