Coming from MADFINGER Games with the take on the loot & shoot, mission-based genre. Shadow Legends is now allowing you to play with a friend. A co-op feature is now available on all the missions, from difficult endgame content to progression through the game's main storyline.

Co-op and competitive multiplay

Moreover, we are getting a new capture the flag mode in the scene of competitive multiplayer. The players will now compete to get the best gears for their characters by fighting on the same maps to take home their enemy flag and prevent them from doing the same. The classic shooter mode, however, remains the same in its original form with no unique changes.

New Co Op Support For Shadowgun Legends On Android
The amazing gameplay.

Shadowgun Legends was released in March of last year and this game has a very different take on the dynamic of the series.  With the original game mechanic of cover shooter level-based and competitive multiplayer shooter,  Shadowgun Legends is a new wind from MADFINGER to come after titles like Borderlands and Destiny.

Capture the flag mode

Prior to this update, co-op in Shadowgun Legends was pretty limited, with only a small number of missions open to be done with another player. However, on the other hand, the competitive multiplayer was mostly completed, and now the addition of the capture the flag mode only makes it better.

New Co Op Support For Shadowgun Legends On Android
Shoot your enemies down.

It's also worth noting that previous, fans of the Shadowgun series who wished to play a round of capture the flag have to do so on Shadowgun: Deadzone. But sure, the equipment and map were much inferior compared to Legends. So, with this new update, maybe we will see a lot of players migrating from Deadzone to capture the flag mode in Shadowgun Legends.

The universal co-op is undoubtedly going to change the leaderboard entirely and make the campaign a lot easier. So with this mode, you should expect the game will change hugely.