The mobile esports scene looks like it’s about to become a lot more intense thanks to Esports Pro League (ESPL), an upcoming esports network that focuses primarily on mobile.

This new network is a joint effort between multiple stakeholders including iCandy Interactive Limited, Bursa Malaysia, and former CEO Michael Broda, and it will launch its first season in February 2020. No games are mentioned as specific partners just yet, but we will probably hear more about that in the near future.

Mobile Esports
With the arrival of ESPL, the mobile esports scene is no doubt going to get much more intense

When ESPL is ready to kick off, it’ll include 16 different countries. It is unclear which countries these are either, but we do know that the network will be concentrating on Asia, Europe, and the American region at launch. Moreover, it can be speculated that one of the countries will be Malaysia, considering that one of the investors is the official Malaysia Stock Exchange.

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We can expect that the network will include Malaysia at launch

While not a lot of information about ESPL is available at the moment, the network has stated that its goal is to make it easier for esports enthusiasts to get into the pro gaming career. Of course, it will only make the road a little bit easier, and players will still need to dedicate a lot of time and effort if they want to succeed.

ESPL plans to achieve this goal by providing an on-the-ground and online hybrid tournament model. Again, we don’t know what that will be in practice, but it sounds like players will be allowed to participate in tournaments regardless of where they are living as long as they have access to the internet.

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Hopefully, players will be able to participate in tournaments regardless of where they are living  as long as they have access to the internet

Although ESPL will mainly be concentrating on mobile, it will also incorporate pro gaming on PC and consoles. The network also claims that it’ll be publisher-neutral, so we can expect that it’ll support many games.