Dragalia Lost is the first mobile Nintendo game that isn't a spinoff or based on any of its popular franchises. That doesn’t mean the game is not a huge success though.

On October 2, the game is reported to have reached a revenue of over $3 million. For a brand new series, this is an amazing achievement. What makes it even more incredible is the fact that the game has come out only in certain areas, such as Japan, Hong Kong, and the US.

Nintendo Dragalia Lost

While these are some big markets for mobile games, especially Japan, this result is still very impressive. Moreover, the game has had more than 800,000 total installations. This includes installations on both Android and iOS.

While Dragalia Lost has not quite matched the initial revenues of other games from Nintendo like Fire Emblem Heroes, Super Mario Run, and Animal Crossing, these numbers are still quite remarkable for a new title.

Dragalia Lost’s success is due in no small part to its superb art style and deep storyline. You shall play as a young prince who must form a sacred contract with a dragon to save his kingdom. The characters and environments are very detailed, and the English voice-acting for the story is solid.

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In terms of gameplay, the game follows the traditional linear mobile RPG formula. You build a team of playable characters, and move from one stage of the map to another to progress with the story.  In the process, you will level up and obtain items to become more powerful . The fun part though, is you can bond your characters with different dragons throughout the game. Each dragon has its unique benefits. It is really satisfying to turn into those dragons in the middle of battles to demolish your enemies.

Dragalia Lost is currently available on Google Play and App Store. An advice, though: Keep a lot of free space on your device, as just the initial download is already 2GB, and more will come as you go through the story.