From the farthest corner of the unknown space, there lies various hostile alien that always loom to invade us human on Earth. That judgment day is finally here, the hostile alien force is invading Earth. The only one can stop this is you and your mission in  Non-Stop Space Defense!

Protect the Earth

Non Stop Space Defense Your Mission Is To Protect

In the game, you will be tasked with the mission to stop the endless invaders with your space ship. Your enemies will rain down from the start to try to break your defense line. As a hybrid from roguelike and idle game, Non-Stop Space Defense is a truly hard game. One advice from our experience - you must try to build up your defense towers as much as possible because they will be a great help to you.

However, even the strongest fortress will finally fall. After the aliens break through your line, you will start the game again but the upgrades you've made to your towers will remain the same. In other words, you will be able to keep construct your tower and shoot invaders with indefinite power then kick even bigger aliens asses. You may also close the game and get back to collect your gold later on. Try and see how strong you can be and how many waves of aliens you can withstand. It will take you many attempts but once you prepare enough the Earth may withstand the non-stop invaders.

Non Stop Space Defense Your Mission Is To Protect
Fight the aliens

Look good and easy to play

The game has an art style of colorful and bright neon, the mechanic is simple so not only does the game look pretty but it also is very fun to play. Keep upgrading the towers, control your attack with the touch screen, explore the special spaceships.

The fate of the Earth and the entire mankind is in your hand! Get Non-Stop Space Defense now on Google Play Store and App Store for free and begin to protect the Earth.