The kingdom is being attacked by an ancient evil force, and the eldest & wisest wizard - the Old One - is the only one who stands between the terror and the destruction of the land. Three heroes gather and start their journey of finding the Old One to aid him against this mysterious enemy. That's the premise behind Battle Hunters, a new game that has just arrived on the App Store.

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Battle Hunters - A new game on the App Store for fans of mobile games.

In term of gameplay, this is a fantasy action role-playing game where you control a three-hero party on their quest to repel the evil force. With the design of a single-player story-driven RPG, the game centers around a full-length heroic adventure.

The heroes will make their way across the many wondrous locales of the kingdom to fight with vile monsters and creatures. There's the Great Forest full of lush trees - the home of sneaky and cunning goblins as well as towering trolls, the treacherous Cliffs of Desolation - the inhabitation of vicious gargoyles & unyielding stone golems, and more.

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For only $4.99 (Rs 350), you can play this exciting action game anywhere at any time.

Along your journey, you will have the chance to meet several mighty heroes. They all have their unique abilities, powerful spells, and destructive weapons. Aside from humans, friendly monsters, mercenaries, skeletons, and many more are also ready to join your cause.

With unique and straightforward one-touch combat controls, the game is the combination of tactical command of three heroes and real-time action.

Check the trailer of gameplay video of Battle Hunters on iOS for more details!

Win or lose? Live or die? All depends on your choice on deploying special abilities, using items, and choosing to attack, defend, or run.

Battle Hunters will be surely a stunning heroic journey from the beginning to the very end with more than eighty monsters to fight and twenty heroes to recruit. You can get it right now on the App Store for $4.99 (Rs 350).