A couple of days ago Apple announced Apple Arcade, a new game subscription service, and we also got a glimpse of many of the games that will be featured in that service. Among those games was developer Cornfox & Bros’ Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm. A brand new trailer is also available, which showcases some gameplay footages, as well as the various environments and characters that you’ll be seeing during your adventure in the world of Oceanhorn 2. You can check it out below:

For those who don’t know, Oceanhorn 2 is an action RPG that takes place in a stunning and colorful world that players will have the chance to fully explore. From what has been revealed so far, the game appears to be heavily influenced by The Legend of Zelda. Also, looking at the trailer, we can see that the protagonist will have access to several interesting tools. Aside from the standard sword and shield, he also has a grappling hook to traverse the terrains more easily, as well as a gun that can shoot various bullets such as Lightning shell or Ice shell.

Oceanhorn 2 Mobile Screenshot Warden Woods
There's a gun that can shoot various types of bullets

The game has spent about 2.5 years in development, and it’s easily one of the most anticipated games for many people. Last month we reported that it was featured in the spotlight of Unreal Engine. The recent announcement that it’ll be a part of Apple Arcade is either the best or the worst news, depending on whether or not you plan to use that new subscription service. It looks like there will be no other way to just purchase Apple Arcade games, which means if you won’t be able to play Oceanhorn 2 unless you subscribe.

Oceanhorn 2 Iphone Capital
The graphics are stunning and colorful

It’s likely that Apple decided to make highly-anticipated titles such as Oceanhorn 2 exclusive to Apple Arcade to get more people to use the service, but that would also mean we’ll have to wait until at least this fall to see Oceanhorn 2 coming out, as that’s when Apple plans to launch Apple Arcade. Stay tuned for more information!