Last month, as Apple announced its game subscription service - Apple Arcade, the game publisher Bandai Namco also announced that they're working on a new Pac-man game. Its name is Pac-Man Party Royale, and it will launch at the same time as Apple Arcade. At least that was the developer's promise.

Well, we all know that they couldn't fulfill that promise, as the game was nowhere to be found at Apple Arcade's launch. The Japanese publisher has clarified that they had to postpone the game's launch to fix some technical issues, and it will come back at later date. Turns out, that later date will be at the end of this year.

Pac-Man Party Royale Coming Out Soon For Mobile 1
Pac-man Party Royale was delayed for Bandai Namco to further polish the game

At least now we know something about the release date of this 'quirky' battle royale. Let's find out what's so special about this game through our overview below:

The concept of Pac-Man Party Royale

Bandai Namco has taken the battle-royale approach towards the classic Pac-man game in Pac-Man Party Royale. To be specific, it will give you a chance to challenge your friends to find out who is the best at Pac-man by packing you into the area of the eating and the eaten!

The game's concept is quite straightforward. Just as a normal Pac-Man game, you'll have to wander around the arena and eat dots and avoiding ghosts. But your objectives now is different: consume all your friends and be the last Pac surviving!

Pac-Man Party Royale Coming Out Soon For Mobile 3
Your objective now is not just surviving, but also eating as well!

Bringing the battle royale's element in this game, you'll have to loot enough dots and pellets to become bigger and faster, therefore you can eat your friends. If you bump into each other while staying in the same size, you'll be unable to eat your friends, but only get pushed away.

Pac-Man Party Royale Coming Out Soon For Mobile 6
Eat the golden pellets to get bigger, stronger and faster!

The power-ups only last for a while, so calculate when to eat them, and when to stay away from other Pacs when they're close to the pellets. Eating up all other players and you'll be the king of the Pacs! But don't be too sad if you were eaten by your friends since the Pac-Man Party Royale will give you a chance to revenge.

Become the ghost and have your revenge!

Another special feature of this game is that the ghost is not only played by the AI. In fact, in this Pac-man game, you'll turn into a ghost if another Pac eats you. Chase them down with anger to take them down, and if you manage to do so, you'll switch the role with your friend and come back to the game. Who is the hunter now, hah!

Pac-Man Party Royale Coming Out Soon For Mobile 4
If you get eaten, you will turn into a ghost and start your revenge!

Last but not least, what's a battle royale game without a shrinking playground? If you take too long to eat all your friends, the maze will be shrinking with a lot of glitches showing up. Hence, the battleground will be smaller, making you encounter your friends much more often.

Pac-Man Party Royale Coming Out Soon For Mobile 5
The maze will be smaller over time with the glitches

Bandai Namco also announced that they'll bring more mazes and play modes to the game for free in the future. Hence, you don't have to worry that you would be bored at some points.

Pac-Man Party Royale will come out in Q4 2019, and it will only be available on Apple Arcade. A free month of subscription that you get when upgrading to iOS 13 beta will have ended at that point, but paying $4.99 a month to play every game in the platform is not too pricy either!

Pac-Man Party Royale Coming Out Soon For Mobile 2
The line-up for Apple Arcade consists of a range of good games!