In reality, fishing is actually very tranquil which helps build up your patience. Once you’ve plunged your bait into the water, the only thing left to do is sit and wait.

But in games, particularly Power Fishing, it is more exciting and enjoyable than you could ever imagine. The game developed by Purple Ocean will not let you down with its beautiful high-resolution graphics and the fascinating RPG style. You will find it hard to get bored with the fast pace of the game.

Everything you need to know to get started in Power Fishing

The whole process of plunging your hook and pulling in the fish is similar to how you would do in a golf video game. You will have to stop the power bar on the meter at the right time. The biggest difference is that the power bar in this game moves randomly. Moreover, you also need to stop the bar at random places on the meter.

To make it easier to understand, imagine that you have to play a golf video game on a rollercoaster. This will boost the satisfaction you get when you successfully catch a gleaming, highly detailed fish with slick animation.

There are countless of fish species for you to catch, grow and register. Players also have their personal tank for their fish. That leads to you having to level-up your fish as they can be stolen by others. The higher level they get, the more chances of escaping they have.

Various fish species

The game has an international leaderboard, tons of rewards, a variety of equipment. The “fishermen” also have to complete missions every day, week and even month. There is even a enormous campaign for single player to see their own process through many different environments.

Fishing Hook - Purple Ocean's latest game before Power Fishing - has seen over 50 million downloads around the globe. 600,000 users are reported to be active daily. That shows us how great Purple Ocean’s games can be. Surely, PF is totally worth downloading.