We are huge fans of developer Pixelbite Games around here, and if you’ve tried one of its works, you’ll certainly understand why. Its Reckless Racing series are among the most entertaining top-down racers available on the mobile market at the moment, its Reckless Getaway games offer a chaotic, fast-paced, and fun chase simulator experience, while the Space Marshals series are some fantastic strategic top-down shooters.

Aside from those notable releases, Xenowerk is another product from Pixelbite, one that was rather under the radar. It aimed to be an action-focused top-down shooter with a sci-fi theme, and it delivered exactly that, no more, no less. It’s one of the few games from Pixelbite that hasn’t received any follow-up titles or sequels yet, but that is about to change soon as the studio has just announced on its blog that it is working on a new project title Xenowerk Tactics. Check out a couple of screenshots about this upcoming game below:

Xenowerktactics 2019 07 29 16 04 02 985 768x432
Xenowerk Tactics, a brand new project from Pixelbite

Xenowerktactics 2019 07 29 16 07 46 974 768x432
A top-down RTS experience

Not a lot of information about Xenowerk Tactics is available at the moment, but its very name alone already gives us some insights as to where this one is heading toward. According to the description provided by the developer, this will be “A pre-apocalyptic RTS-like” with some elements of strategy and exploration integrated. In this game, you will manage and develop your base camp and a crew that consists of several operatives (Scientists, Rangers, and Marines). You shall deploy squads into the infected zone to carry out various missions, either to save the entire world or just simply to earn profit for yourself – or maybe do a little bit of both.

Xenowerk tactics
The game will have a pre-apocalyptic setting

Aside from that description, we also know that the game will be coming within this year for both Android and iOS and it will be a premium release. Given Pixelbite’s reputation, this is definitely a game we’ll be keeping an eye out for, so stay tuned for more update!