PUBG Mobile 2.9 brings an exciting Christmas festive atmosphere to the battleground with tons of new features. Let's check out the amazing Frozen Kingdom updates in the Frost Festival Update 2023 here.

#1. Snowy Village

Snowy Village is the new themed area in the Frozen Kingdom. It's a 280 x 150 area with tons of supplies near Stalber in Erangel, Iceborg in Livik, and Goroka in Vikendi. There is a Lucky Ice Tower with an underground area with two floors and tons of decent loot. Therefore, this tower is expected to become a hot combat spot.

Moreover, you can ring the bell on the top of the tower to get lucky rewards. You can find a Reindeer for riding around the map. It's a new 2-seat vehicle in this Festive season. You can attach it with a sleigh to make a Santa's Sleigh.

New Themed Area
The new themed area with lots of festive activities.

#2. Snow Rail

There is also a snow rail running around the snowy village. You can use this slippery snow rail to move around the village to gather supplies, change the position to surprise enemies and escape combat, or just for fun.

#3. Snowball Blaster

Snowball Blaster is a new weapon in the Snowy village. It has many functions, such as:

  • Create Snowpiles to make cover in open combat. Aim and shoot snowballs at the building or ground to build snow piles.
  • Aim and shoot snowballs at your enemies to turn them into snowmen and restrict their movement.
  • Freeze the water surface and build a contemporary snow bridge to move through the river.

You can also have fun with this new weapon in the Christmas Update 2023.

Snow Blaster
Play snowball games with friends in PUBG Mobile 2.9 using the new snow blaster weapon.

#4. Snowboard

Snowboard in PUBG Mobile's Frozen Kingdom 2023 is a new addition. You can glide on this vehicle and perform amazing skiing skills. This new board can move on various surfaces. It's an ideal vehicle to traverse the Christmas map this December.

Have Fun With A New Snowboard
Have fun with friends in the Frost Festival with a new snowboard.

#5. New Mechanics

Snow Toddler, Lucky Ice, and Snow Blast Zone are three new mechanics in the new Frost Festival Update. They will bring you lots of fun this Christmas holiday.

  • Search for Snow Toddlers is a new interesting minigame in the Frost Festival. When you encounter a big Lucky Snowman, go to search for four little missing snowmen around it. Then, bring them back to the big snowman to get a token of gratitude.
  • You also encounter many Lucky Ice blocks scattered around the map. Use a knife to break the ice block and get lucky rewards.
  • When checking the minimap, you can see some circles of Snow Blast Zones. When traversing through these zones, be careful with falling snowballs that can turn you into Lively Snowpals. They also create snow piles on the ground to make contemporary covers for open combat.
Play Exciting Minigames
Enjoy exciting activities like searching for Snow Toddlers in the new update.

There are many other interesting updates in specific game modes of PUBG Mobile 2.9. Just stay updated!

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