The title basically says it all, so without further delay, let’s get straight into some of the tips recommended by pro players to help you win more in PUBG Mobile

Avoid standing still while looting

This is a mistake that the majority of PUBG Mobile players make while they are too concentrated on getting all the good stuff from enemy crates. If you stand still, you make yourself an easy target for other enemies, so always remember to move slightly from one side to the other while looting.

This might be a little bit hard to get used to, but when you do, it will save your life on multiple occasions.

Pubg Mobile Loot Enemy Crate
Don't stand still while you loot

Keep a vehicle close by if you are looting outside the playzone

This sounds like common sense, but you’d be surprised at how many people actually don’t pay enough attention to it. Very often they get too absorbed in finding good gear that they don’t have an escape plan for when the circle begins to shrink.

According to pros, vehicles are more likely to spawn near the main roads, so looting in buildings near those roads will increase your chance of finding one.

Pubg Vehicle
It's always wise to have a vehicle when you are outside the playzone

Avoid landing near the flight path

Shroud is one of those pros that like to actively seek out highly-active areas because he enjoys the action. However, he is also the first to say that it is very unwise to come to these places directly.

The better approach would be to land a little bit away from the flight path. That way, you will be met with fewer unpleasant encounters and will have more time to loot and prepare yourself for the midgame.

Pubg Mobile Plane
Don't land near the flight path!

Camping is the way to go if you are not confident

Once again, everyone knows that more action means more fun, but unless you have a certain degree of mastery and knowledge about the game, rushing into combat will most likely bring your match to a premature end.

If you are new and not too confident about your skills, the best strategy is camping. Yes, people scoff at it as “cheap”, “boring”, “noob”, but no one can deny its effectiveness. Actually, more often than not you can pick up a few kills simply by finding a building near the edge of the playzone and wait there until the next circle closing. There is a certain kind of satisfaction in watching enemies go down without even knowing what hit them.

Pubg Camp2
If you can't win against enemies in a direct confrontation, just attack them when they don't see you

Late game, patience is key

This is the tip that every pro recommends when it comes to the endgame.

When there are only 5 to 10 players left and the playzone is relatively small, it is crucial to remain patient. At this point, whoever makes a move first becomes vulnerable, so if possible, always try to lie low and wait for enemies to reveal themselves before you launch an attack.

Pubg Endgame
Lie low (sometimes literally) and wait for enemies to make a move first