Every map PUBG Mobile features some exclusive weapons and/or vehicles, which are often the most iconic or most effective ones that the map has to offer. The newly-released snow map Vikendi is no exception. It brings with it two uniques: A weapon, the G36C, and a vehicle, the snowmobile. Here is a closer look at them:


The snowmobile is, as said earlier, an iconic feature of Vikendi. It has appeared on several screenshots and posters and was obviously intended to be the perfect way for players to get around in the snowy terrains of the new map. Here, traditional vehicles are a lot less effective due to all the slippery ice and snow. Acceleration is slow, and it is a lot harder to maintain control while going at high speed.

Pubg Snowmobile 768x432

All those limits might make the gameplay of Vikendi more difficult for those are used to the smooth drives of Miramar or Erangel. Thus, the developers introduced the snowmobile to provide a mean for players to still thrive in Vikendi, as it is a lot more effective than the other vehicles in this environment. However, the snowmobile struggles outside of its home territory, and it can only seat maximum two people in addition to providing practically no protection against gunfire


The G36C is an Assault Rifle that can only be found in Vikendi and is meant as a replacement for the SCAR. It uses 5.56mm rounds and has a magazine size of 30, which can be increased to 40 with an Extended Magazine.


The gun also has room for a fair amount of customization, since it has an upper as well as a lower rail for attachments. However, you cannot attach a stock to it.

The G36C falls behind its popular counsin, the M416, in term of damage per second. However, what it lacks in damage, it makes up for in control. This allows the G36C to thrive in Vikendi, as it is exceptionally effective against enemies at short or medium range. Furthermore, most weapon spawns in the map are SMGs, so if you manage to find a G36C, you will undoubtedly have the upper hand in almost every gunfight.