Blaming computer games for some negative behaviors or bad academic results is not anything unfamiliar, and it seems like that the famous battle royale game PUBG mobile is the newest one to be under fire.

Things being what they are, the Jammu and Kashmir Students Association in India is requiring a prohibition on the famous mobile battle royale game PUBG, referring to that they see the young stick their faces to their phones 24/24 playing a game without doing anything meaningful. They also ask the administration to ban mentioned game immediately.

Pubg Should Be Banned
Many believe that PUBG is responsible for low grades and as such should be banned

This organization goes so far in their allegations, they even state that PUBG Mobile is more awful than illicit drug use and expressing that it's demolishing the youth's future.

Raqif Makhdoomi, an officer of this association stated that there is a correlation between the poor grade of some high school students and the existence of PUBG mobile.

This is the latest allegation against a mobile game in India and in the past, there were multiple occasions that other games were also called out for being the reason for negative effects

Already, different schools from various locales have likewise made such cases - however not as severe as claiming that the game is worse than illicit drug use.

Toward the beginning of December 2018, China' s authority supposedly prohibited titles like Fortnite and PUBG because of the hostile and violent idea of these games.

Pubg Banned In China
China has banned PUBG and many more similar games recently.

In the meantime, the greatest worry in other countries isn't about the title itself but rather saying that its impact made people stuck to their cell phones.

As Google is providing more options toward the well-being of users by limiting screen time, many people believe that a total prohibition on any of these games can be too much and not necessary. These smart methods also seem to be more effective without getting a protest.