Despite having received a lot of criticism in certain parts of the world and branded as “addictive”, the battle royale PUBG Mobile has consistently been getting better in the past couple of months. While it unfortunately has not received controller support like its rival Fortnite, recent events such as the Resident Evil 2 collaboration was great. Now, Tencent has announced that a big update is coming, which adds more special events to celebrate the game’s first anniversary, alongside a new Royale Pass and a new Ranked Season.

Pubg Zombie Cover
The zombie mode was a nice addition to PUBG Mobile recently

There will be no server downtime, but you’ll need to update your game before you can access the new content. This season will allow you to see the RP rankings of your whole region simply by clicking on the Royale Pass page. Furthermore, purchasing the Elite Pass Plus will also earn you more rewards in addition to immediately granting you 25 ranks. Weekly challenges now reward more points as well.

As for the new events to celebrate PUBG Mobile’s first anniversary, there are now birthday parties on the Spawn Island, and there are special crates that you can collect during your matches and open afterward to earn some exclusive rewards. Aside from these cakes, birthday cakes will now spawn randomly across the maps as well, and if you manage to find them, you are in for a surprise gift.

Pubg Mobile Birthday
New events await

The gameplay has also seen several changes. Dynamic weather has been added to Erangel and Miramar and, while Vikendi gets a new weapon: the G36C rifle. This gun uses 5.56mm rounds and acts as a substitution for the SCAR-L on this map. On Sanhok, the Tukshai vehicle from PUBG PC is now included to replace the Mini Bus, Jeep, and Dacia.

The Tukshai is now available in Sanhok

In the Survive Till Dawn mode, the zombies have received a nerf. Now, during each match there will be certain times when they enter a weakened state. On the other hand, the damage of the blue circle is increased during the night to balance it out. Other changes include tweaks to resource drops, vehicle fuel levels, zombie skills, as well as bug fixes.

The update to PUBG Mobile is expected to come out today, so keep an eye out!