Despite a lot of criticisms and talks calling for a ban on the game recently, PUBG Mobile is still undoubtedly the most popular mobile game in India right now. If you have been following our site, you know that we have had a lot of articles giving out tips and tricks to help you win more in this game. But now, let’s see what a real pro has to say about this topic.

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In a recent interview with IBTimes India, Rahul Pandey, owner of the popular YouTube channel GoldyHindiGaming that has almost 200,000 subscribers, shared several tips and tricks for PUBG Mobile players to get more Chicken Dinner. For starter, visual cues are the most important thing in PUBG Mobile, and higher graphics settings allow you to spot enemies more easily, so Pandey always sets everything to max. Note that he plays the game on his computer using the Tencent Gaming Buddy simulator, which has a built-in HD visual setting. If you play on your phone, you can adjust your graphics by using the in-game settings, which can be accessed by tapping on the gear icon at the bottom corner. If you want more information, Pandey plays with 3000 dpi on his mouse.

Goldy Hindi Gaming
Rahul "GoldyHindiGaming" Pandey

The next point Pandey talked about was how he thought strategies are the key to success. He shared that he always preferred to land right at the center of the action. Of course, many people like to do that, since that’s the most “fun” approach, but if you are not too confident in your skills yet, then the better alternative would be to land somewhere off to the side of the map. Pandey also recommends playing in Duo or Squad, as he thinks that will help challenge and improve your skills.

When it comes to weapons, Pandey also has a couple of elite preference. He says that he generally likes to use an M4 alongside a sniper such as M24 or Kar98.

The Kar98 rifle

Finally, Pandey gives a tip that many people don’t pay attention to, but can mean the difference between life and death. You should always be “dropping 90 degrees left or right in the middle of flying path,” he said. Doing so will help you land before others, meaning you will have more time to loot. This means by the time other players reach the ground, you will probably have found a decent gun, allowing you to take them out while they are powerless to resist.

So, now that you have heard Pandey, head out to the battlefield, try out these tips, and see how many Chicken Dinner you can win!