How do you get items in PUBG Mobile for absolutely free? The answer, using the redeem codes given by the publishers. They provide eye-catching skins, funny emotes, as well as exclusive items. Normally, one must purchase the Royale Pass for the exclusive items with there own UC or exchange rewards from the shops. Therefore, once the redeem codes are released, it’s a precious opportunity for all players to get their piece of the pie. 

pubg mobile redeem codes dont miss
Do not miss out your chances to get free items in PUBG Mobile

All of the Official Redeem Codes in PUBG Mobile July 2020

As of July 2020, these are all the official redeem codes, released by Tencent Games. If there are outside sources inform you of different codes, those could be fake. With that being said, check out the codes as follow:

pubg mobile redeem codes legend outfit
Get the Legendary Outfit now!



  • Scar-L skin: BCCQZDZSCH
  • Hot Pizza Helmet: BCAHZMZ64EC
  • Kar98 Skin: KARZBZYTR 
  • Legendary Outfit: BBKTZEZET3

How to Use the Redeem Codes in PUBG Mobile

To acquire your rewards from the redeem codes, please do as the instruction below:

  • Visit the Redemption Center on the official site of PUBG Mobile.
  • Enter the code, your PUBG Mobile ID, and enter the verification code. 
  • Hit the redeem button. A window should pop up confirming the details.
  • If all the information is correct, click ok.
  • Your reward will be sent to your mailbox.
pubg mobile redeem codes official center
Visit PUBG Mobile official redemption center to claim your rewards

Please note that though the redeem codes are release publicly for every player to take, they’re not limitless. Some only have fixed use times or may expire upon a destined deadline. Therefore, players are advised to be quick to enter the code and acquire their rewards. The redeem codes that we listed above may not be available in August. 

If you haven't redeemed the codes already, please hurry up before it expires or reaches the limit. Then, you would have to wait until the next code release to claim yours.