Ever since a collaboration between PUBG Mobile and Resident Evil 2 Remake was announced about a month ago, there have been many rumors and speculation that the hit battle royale game will get a Zombie mode. Now, this highly-anticipated mode has finally hit the test servers and will soon be open for everyone. Of course, the highlight here is that players will have to struggle to survive against zombies, but what does that entail?

Well, this upcoming mode, titled ‘Sunset’, is a result of PUBG Mobile ’s collaboration the remake of Resident Evil released a few days ago. Thus, in true RE fashion, the plot will revolve around a biochemical virus outbreak that is turning people into mindless zombies.

Pubg X Re

In term of gameplay, Sunset will take place in Erangel. However, there will be some added locations such as the Raccoon City Police Department, a name that is probably all-too-familiar to fans of the Resident Evil franchise. This is where the zombies will be coming from.

These mindless walking dead that players must face will spawn in waves, with the first one consisting mostly of a common type that damages players with close-ranged attacks. There are also a few deadlier ones that are capable of spitting venom or even explode in a toxic blast, but overall, nothing too challenging to deal with.

Then, with the second wave comes one of the most terrifying monsters in the entire Resident Evil series: The Licker, a skinless creature with brain and muscles exposed. It earns its name by possessing a long tongue that can lick a man’s head clean off. Besides this imposing beast, there is also a no less deadly threat: a parasitic creature known only as “G”, which deforms its host and turns them into a bloated monstrosity.

Re2 Licker
The Licker as portrayed in Resident Evil 2 remake

Finally, the infamous Tyrant makes an appearance as well. Inhumanly strong and durable, this basically the ‘boss zombie’ in this mode. An entire squad is required just to hold it off, and if you want to actually take it down, be prepared for an intense fight. If left unchecked, this monster is capable of wiping out all players just by itself. Thankfully, players will be notified about the Tyrant’s location when it spawns.

Re2 Tyrant
The Tyrant is an extremely dangerous monster

Killing these zombies will yield loot and resources that will help players survive longer.

For more updates about Sunset, stay tuned!