PUBG Mobile is a famous game worldwide, which means it attracts all sorts of people. You get pro players who blatantly cheat or players who skip their exams to play in a tournament. But occasionally, we have players who show us amazing willpower and strength that make PUBG Mobile something we should all cherish!

Pubg Mobile Player Skip Final Exam
Not sure if skipping final exams to play at a tournament is a good idea

Kevin Martins is a Brazilian professional PUBG Mobile player who is the captain for Team Solid, an esports organization in Brazil. He is also a martial artist who achieved a black belt in karate and an athlete at his university. And if that's not already impressive enough, Kevin only has one arm!

Check out his Instagram here, and his organization's Instagram here.

PUBG Mobile shouldn't stop you from being better in life!

We've seen all kinds of impressive "six, seven, eight-finger claw" videos that show incredible dexterity and reactions. There are also some pretty popular videos out there of people playing with only one hand as well.

But how many people out there can do that at a pro-level while having a clear disability, and still manage to be successful in other activities? You can count those people on one hand (sorry for the terrible joke).

pubg mobile player kevin martins
Kevin Martins is the captain of the PUBG Mobile Team of Team Solid

pubg mobile player kevin martins
As you can see, his disability doesn't hamper his pro-playing career

As evidence, check out this video of Kevin Martins effortlessly playing duo with only his right hand, slaughtering opponents left and right for ten minutes straight:

You can go to his YouTube channel for more videos.

He's also a martial artist who achieved the 1st Dan in karate, which means he has enough skills to kick asses in real life too!

pubg mobile player kevin martins

pubg mobile player kevin martins

pubg mobile player kevin martins

Players like Kevin Martins show us that being successful at PUBG Mobile doesn't mean you cannot overcome your disabilities and difficulties. Nor does it mean you have to neglect other obligations and activities in life. Our love for PUBG Mobile should be something that drives us to do better in the game and in life!

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