While Season 11 of PUBG Mobile has just been released, there have already been various new leaks for the next season datamined by users. In order to celebrate PUBG Mobile’s 2 nd anniversary, Tencent is definitely going to deliver something extraordinary next patch. Season 11 of PUBG Mobile would last for about two months – it would come to an end on Mar 3. In this article below we would list out some of the most notable details leaked for season 12.

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The new set that is going to be added in season 12

Release Date

As previously mentioned, Season 11 will come to an end on Mar 3, with the next season coming right afterward. Because of that, it is expected that Season 12’s Pass would be released on Mar 5, 2020. The 0.17.0 would also be released as well. Its release date is not yet confirmed, however.

A brand new location in Erangel with various spawn points for level 3 loots

Various updates would be a part of the patch, such as colorblind mode, extreme cold mode, and death camera. Looks like PUBG Mobile’s developers are trying to add some more gimmick to the usual PUBG formula. Erangel would also be modified based on the themes of the event, with arcades and amusement parks added (you can even play minigames inside them). This version of the game can be accessed through the beta program.

Pass Rewards

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The final reward of the season - the cyber armor

Two more items have been leaked. Upon unlocking the pass, players would immediately receive a skin for the QBZ. The final tier reward of the pass is a Robotic outfit set. The theme of both items would be “anniversary special”, with neon lights covering the number “12”.

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