With how popular PUBG Mobile currently, everybody probably knows all the hot loot spots in the game by now. The problem with these spots is, while they do give you the best weapons and equipment, they are also incredibly risky to land in since many players tend to be attracted to these areas because of the valuables. If you don’t like to jump into the action immediately and instead prefer a slower, safer approach to the match, here are some underrated loot spots in Vikendi that you could consider visiting. They contain very little risk, but the rewards could potentially be pretty good.



Vihar is a small but closely laid out town located in the extreme left side of the map. Usually, you can find enough loot for your entire squad in this place. Sure, the weapons and items might not be of the top quality, but they should be enough for you to get by. Moreover, vehicles are readily available around the town, so it’s very convenient for you to move on after you’ve finished looting.


800px Vikendi Cantra

Just like Vihar, Cantra is a small area with plenty of buildings. The loot is scattered all over the place, however, so for the ideal stuff you might have to search around a bit. Still, it is very rarely that players come here, so you can take your time without worrying too much about getting ambushed.

Coal Mine

Located near the highly-active Cosmodrome, the Coal Mine is home to tons of good weapons, armor, and items It is also pretty close to the center of the map, so most of the time it will be relatively easy to get to the safe zone.

Dobro Mesto

800px Vikendi Dobro Mesto

Unlike the other spots on this list, Dobro Mesto actually has tons of level 3 backpacks, helmets, vests, as well as the most powerful guns. The big problem with this place is that it lies in the extreme corner of the map. But if you can take the time and effort to come here, it will be well worth it.