Punch Perfect is the first game of indie game studio Handprint Games. The game is a combination of reaction and memory boxing game that is launched on both Android and iOS. If you remember the rule of the famous game Simon Says’ then you should be familiar with this game. Players will be trained by coach Simon and they should do what Simon says, regardless of how nonsense it is.

See the gameplay trailer of Punch Perfect below:

In this game, coach Simon will give players a combination of punch combos and they have to memorize it. After that, they throw the combos back to their Coach in the correct order. While the rule is simple, the hard part lies in the memorizing part. After a while, the combos will become harder and coach Simon might gradually lose his temper. The game demands quick-reaction and coordination skills from the player, and is a good way to train your memory.

Punch Perfect Image 1 1024x729
Coach Simon will give a combo of actions that you should follow

Here are some features of the game:

  • Coach Simon will show you some combinations of basic kickboxing actions: jabs, uppercuts, hooks, and ducks. The aim of players is to repeat the combo within a set period of time to earn scores.
  • The time allowed to finish the sequence equals to the time that coach Simon might lose his patience. It gets faster and requires you more attention for the game, which might later be an ultimate brain challenge.
  • There are some levels of punches: perfect, sloppy, etc. If players manage to bring out perfect punches, they will get bonuses.
  • What is more, the game even features realistic graphics, music, sound effects. Players can thus turn their house into a true boxing battle at home.

Punch Perfect Image 2
The game's rule is as simple as memorizing and repeating what Simon said

Punch Perfect is just the first shot. The indie developer Handprint Games aims at releasing some other original games in the next couple of years, so fans have other things to expect. But first, for Punch Perfect, players can download the game for free on Google Play Store or App Store. Stay updated for more information on their official site or Facebook