Downhill Masters is definitely not a game for the faint of heart. This sports game takes you on a journey alongside 3 daring mountain bikers and tasks you with ensuring that their careers (and lives) don’t come to a premature end.

First, let’s meet our three riders: Chef Devito, Accountant Steve, and Fashion Designer Marie. You get to choose to play as any one of the trio, and each has their own strengths: Devito’s focus is on power, Marie is good at tricks, and Steve specializes in speed.

Downhill Masters trailer

Once you have made your choice, you will help your character go from an amateur to a real pro by racing through several challenges. To make a name for yourself, you have to overcome various challenges on a variety of courses.

There are different game modes for you to play through. Challenge pits you against up to 3 others in 50 distinct stages. World Grand Prix are 1-on-1 matches versus 28 different champions.

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Various courses and opponents to compete against

Riding is no easy task in Downhill Masters. You’ll have to master various controls such as pedaling to go fast, drifting to turn without sending yourself flying off the track, and boosting to pull ahead of your competition. Furthermore, if your opponents are being extra tough, you can resort to some underhand tricks such as barging them off the track.

That’s where the strengths of the characters come into play: Each is particularly good at a unique play style. If you want to burst ahead using pure speed, Steve is your best bet. Marie likes to win in style, so she focuses on performing tricks along the way. Devito, meanwhile, needs no such things. He just knocks anyone who stands on his way off their bikes.

Moreover, Downhill Masters is not just all about riding. You’ll also have to manage your rider’s life outside of the racing courses. What that entails depends on who you choose to play as. For example, if you picked Devito, you must help him out in the kitchen. The training of each character is different too. Marie likes yoga, while Devito – being the strength-focused guy that he is – is more into pumping iron.

Downhill Master Devito
Helping Devito out in the kitchen is part of the deal

The game also has many minigames for you to improve your riding skill and obtaining outfits and gear to customize your character with. You should never want for things to do here.

Downhill Masters is available on Android right now, so if you are interested, check it out on Google Play and head to the courses!