At the beginning of this month, Riot Games revealed that their new strategy card game Legends of Runeterra is going to be released on April 30th  - however, it looks like they decided to launch the game 2 days early. Since its free just like every other game from Riot, you can just go to the store page of the game on either Android or iOS to check it out. The launch version of LoR has over 120 cards in total. Having a mobile version is very important for card games, as they would be able to tap into the relatively bigger Mobile player base - the game itself, due to its turn-based nature, is easier to port as well.

The game was originally announced by Riot during the big event last year that marks their official foray into other genres than MOBA. The established lore of League has been built up in years – it has more than enough characters to fill out a card game, similar to how blizzard created Hearthstone from Warcraft. The majority of Runeterra’s characters would be from League, however, more original new characters would be added over time.

The majority of the roster is going to be League champions

The main method to acquire cards in Runeterra would be playing the game – however, players can speed up the process by spending real money on microtransactions, similar to League’s monetary method. The overall gameplay is similar to Hearthstone, with each player picking a champion to represents them – who would then proceed to use supporting cards to fights opponents. All cards are divided into various categories called Regions, with each having a unique playstyle and properties. You would have to create an appropriate combination of cards to go with your intended champion.

Legends Runeterra 01
The card effects can be really flashy

Overall, it's just a slightly modified version of the usual mana based cards game on the market, but with League characters. Interested in more of Riot Games' projects similar to this? Please check out this post for a complete review of the Valorant Closed Beta version.