Managing an empire is much more than just dictating and threatening many countries other countries. You have to think about keeping things stable in your country, investing the war’s spoils in bettering your own people’s lives.

That’s not only the main point of Julius Caesar’s to-do list every week, but it’s also the essence of Rise of Civilizations, an impressive strategy MMO developed Lilith Games. You begin by choosing 1 of 8 civilizations, including Japan, Thailand, Rome, China, Germany, Spain, Britain and France. Once you’ve finished, you will have your own walled city to cultivate.

Everything revolves around the City Hall. After upgrading this building to certain stage, you will gain access to many building types. However, upgrading the City Hall requires you to level up other buildings as well. Other buildings include lumber mill, archery range, barracks, farm, academy and more.

The process of upgrading takes time, it could be a few seconds, sometimes even a few hours. The speed-up system helps the gameplay become more mobile-friendly. Speed-up cards can be earned continuously by completing daily tasks and quests. These cards come in handy when you want to speed up building, training process, or research times, which allows you to get things done quicker while playing this game.

Rise Civilisations up

Managing a city is just one of many basic things. You have to look beyond that.

According to information from Lilith Games, there is a feature called “infinite room” in Rise of Civilizations. It may seem possible, but we have to acknowledge the impressive scale of this game. You will amazed everytime you try scroll to 9 different areas of the map, which is covered in fog and spread over thousands of square kilometers of the territory in this game.

The in-game territory is divided into different regions which are separated by mountains. There are passes that you can use to travel between different regions. The amount of time that you need to unlock all regions in this map is still a mystery.

You can send out scouts and troops to reveal the fog of war and discover new croplands, barbarian forts, some new cities and so on. Then you have to make the decision, avoid or raid, attack or harvest?

In term of real statecraft, your power and influence will be determined by the strength of your army, which can be developed by recruiting and training new archers and troops, or creating, upgrading new weapons in a workshop. You can use commanders to manage them.

Hello, Joan

Commanders can be considered as an outstanding factor of this game. They are designed based on real historical people such as Joan of Arc and Genghis Khan. You can raise their level by developing their skill trees. As you develop your army, you can add more and position your troops into different regions which are controlled by different commanders.

You can also choose to join an alliance, which gives many advantages, such as earning more income from shared assets or having more support when you want to upgrade or research new stuff in your city.

Rise of Civilizations is a real-time, open and unlimited universe full of interesting contents, and that’s why it can be a little challenging.

Don’t worry! There are tons of missions and daily tasks that you can take advantage of. They will guide you to proceed in the right direction and supply you with enough resources.

Besides, you can take a rest and stop the daily-grind routine to participate in expedition missions. Keep in mind that you have to level up your army to certain level before doing this, otherwise it will just waste your time and effort.

It’s such an understatement to claim that this game is only packed with content. As you can see, every piece of information we discuss in this review contains much more undiscovered nuances and subtleties.

Problems merely a trifle

Rise of Civilizations Trailer

Since this game is packed with many contents, it’s possibly no longer great at clarity and even loses the appeal of a simpler and more accessible genre. Players can easily tap on the wrong buildings in the city. On the map, the items are small and quite featureless. However, this is understandable for this type of game, and it doesn’t negatively affect the overall experience.

You can download this game on Google Play and App Store.