After launching the countdown website the week before, Sega has finally announced its new addition to the real-time strategy games lineup named Revolve8: Episodic Dueling for both Android and iOS devices.

After reading through the overview Sega provided for the game, I was able to gather that it is created by Koji Igarashi and Masayoshi Kikuchi to be a new addition to the lineup of real-time strategy games that have been dominating the market lately.

The all-star creator team promises us Heroes that will completely shatter every expectation that you previously held. To play this game, a player will wield an eight-card deck with their very own weaknesses and strengths. The goal for the player is to annihilate the towers of their opponent within three minutes. Although the regulations are quite simple, the powerful skills of the Hero and the cards promise to introduce the player to duels in real time that is both strategic and fun.


When we look into the staff, we can see that calling them an all-star team is no exaggeration in any way. After all, there is the well-loved Masayoshi Kikuchi, who produced Yakuza and directed Jet Set Radio, in the role of Senior Producer. There is also the creator of the genre Igavania, Koji Igarashi, taking on the role of Character Designer. In addition, popular artist Ryota-H will be Character Artist. Last but not least, the game has the duo Yasunori Mitsuda and Shunsuke Tsuchiya serving as Sound Producers.


The game’s characters are the heroes in fairy tale heavily reimagined by the Character Designer Koji Igarashi. At the moment, we already have the knowledge of three characters: Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, and Sinbad.

  • Red Riding Hood is someone who only cares about social media and fashion. She cares for nothing other than getting some more likes and followers as well as posting some good pictures.
  • Cinderella is a motorcycle-obsessed idol. Fairy Godmother, her producer, was quite a genius in making use of her incredible skill with the motorcycle to attract fans. However, she has to renew her contracts at 12 p.m. every single day as she still has to learn a lot.
  • Sinbad sails through the sea along with his own crew. He attracts people and leaves a long-lasting impression wherever he arrives due to doing some usual heroic actions. His only weakness is his growing vanity.

Key Features

The game focuses on duels in real time that is strategically deep, you must understand what your cards’ weaknesses and strengths are. These cards are classified in multiple sorts, including “Heroes”, “Minions”, “Magic”, and “Buildings”. The players will need to be wise in the way they choose their cards to form their own unique strategy, start playing and then win.

When players start building their own decks, they will be automatically assigned one out of three auto-generated deck types following what the creators left available as a basic method to help the players to set up their own unique strategies. The three pre-assigned decks are the Assault Decks, the Siege Decks, and the Counter Decks. As for what their purposes are, the Assault Decks make the players able to go really deep into the line of their opponents, the Siege Decks is mainly about attacking from a very long distance. The last type of the pre-assigned decks is the Counter Decks will focus on defense while looking for a great opportunity to make a counterattack.

Each Hero has two types of skills that are named “Special Skill” and “Normal Skill”, respectively. In one match, the leader of the deck can use their Special Skills only one time. On the other hand, they can spam any of their deck Heroes’ Normal Skills with a 30 seconds gap. When they are used in the correct situation, these skills are all able to turn the tide of the battle.

Closed Beta

You can now start registering for the Closed Beta on the game’s official website. It will last from the 23rd of October up to 2 a.m. of the 2nd of November in UTC or 11 p.m. of the same day in JST. The pre-registration is officially open between 9:00 of the 10th of October to 14:59 of the 22nd of October in UTC.

Pre-Registration Campaign

You can also start to pre-register from today onward. If the pre-registration count exceeds the number 10000, all the participants will be awarded a Hero named “Kintaro” when the official launch rolls around.

Here is the trailer for the game: