Shadowgun Wargames is a hero shooter sequel of Shadowgun Legends, a traditional FPS that was pretty huge back in 2018. In this game, you would participate in a 5 vs 5 team-based FPS battle in two different game modes: Capture the Flag and Team Deathmatch. If you are not familiar with the hero shooter genre coming out from something like PUBG Mobile, this guide is for you. We have assembled together a decent number of tips and tricks that could help.

shadowgun war games download
Shadowgun War Games Download: The first five characters of the game

After a brief tutorial, you would be able to head right into real multiplayer against human opponents. Only the Team Deathmatch mode would be available at first, as Capture the Flag is rather complex for beginners. Initially, you can only choose between three characters, but eventually, you would get enough resources to unlock the remaining ones. Exp earned in matches are based on personal performance, especially kills and assists. You would respawn five seconds after getting killed. Now, without further ado, let's dive into the guide:

1 - Shadowgun Wargames: Get to know the characters' skills and abilities

Hero shooters usually have characters with distinct roles to cater to every player's personal play style and preferences. While some people might prefer the intense "run and gun" action, others might actually like standing at the side to play support, relying on their teammates' and other strategic skills. Because of this, at first, you need to pick a specific role and stick to it - maybe after a few rounds of initial character testing.

Before that, it is vital to read the descriptions of all the characters first to get a rough idea of what they could do and how to best utilize their skills in combat or counter them if they are on the opposing team. The three initial characters are Slade, Revenant, and Sara, each of them stands for a distinct playstyle.

2 - Shadowgun War Games Gameplay: Characters' specifics

Slade is the most basic character for beginners, with a basic getup of a grenade and medkit. With his great speed and straightforward ability, even beginners would be able to do well against any type of opponents, as they would very likely have played a first-person shooter before.

shadowgun war games gameplay
Shadowgun War Games Gameplay: a team fight in Shadowgun

Revenant is a tank character who needs to go close and personal. With his big hitbox and slower speed, this character is aimed to be a tank to draw fire away from other... more fragile characters. He is pretty awesome when you manage to close the distance, however - his Roar can disorientate nearby enemies so that he could mowing them down with Inner Rage, a skill that temporarily boosts speed, attack, and defense.

Shadowgun War Games Download
Shadowgun War Games Download: The current cast of the game

The last character, Sara, is full support oriented with Healing Blast, a grenade that heals upon detonate and Protection Dome, an ability that can absorb damage from upcoming enemy attacks. She's best for players who prefer standing behind the line providing fire support. As kills/assists matter the most while calculating experience points, you might not get much experience playing her, however.

Shadowgun War Games Gameplay
Shadowgun War Games Gameplay: complement each other with various abilities in a fight

You would unlock Willow and Jet at rank 8 and 12 - these two characters are advanced but overpowered in the right hands. Willow is a sniper with a massive damage boost in Supercharge while Jet is a fast gunner with a teleport called Blink and a dodge skill called Time Shift.

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3 - Shadowgun Wargames: Customize your controls

Shadowgun War Games has a pretty minimalized control layout - you don't have rows upon rows of buttons like in PUBG Mobile. Control works like analog sticks - tapping on the left side of the screen would move your characters and the right side would control aiming. The fire and reload buttons are on the middle right of the screen, with character skills at the bottom. You can customize the layout to your own specifications in settings.

shadowgun war games android
Shadowgun War Games Android: a simple control scheme

4 - Shadowgun War Games Gameplay: Stick together with your teammates

Shadowgun War Games encourages team play - it is best to stick together as a group - especially when you are playing support characters like Sara or tank characters like Revenant. However, if you are confident in your own ability, going solo to backstab as Slade or Jet would not be a bad idea - however, the other 4 guys would need to be able to hold together.

shadowgun war games download
Shadowgun War Games Download: Stick with your squad

5 - Shadowgun Wargames: Be vary of cooldowns and reloads

Inexperienced players often misuse or forget about their abilities and weapons - these errors can be pretty costly. Shadowgun War Games is a hero shooter - besides your guns, you have to be conscious of your skills too. While each skill has its own optimal conditions, the rule of thumb is just to use them as often as possible, as they cost no resources to activate. Reload works the same way - you should try to do it instinctively every time you get into cover.

Shadowgun War Games Download
Shadowgun War Games APK: its best to read the skill descriptions first

6 - Shadowgun War Games Gameplay: Memorize the Layouts of the Maps

While Shadowgun's arenas might not be as big as those in other battle royales or MOBAs, it might still take quite a while for you to get more familiar with the various zones and choke points. There would be a lot of open spaces, and because of that, familiarity with the terrains is crucial.

Shadowgun War Games Android
Shadowgun War Games Android: The main TDM map, Neon City

This concludes our guide for Shadowgun Wargames. Interested in more of our posts related to mobile games? Please check out Gurugamer's Mobile Games Tag.