The fresh Super Fowlst

Fresh on the App Store is the action game Super Fowlst. In this game, you will play like a chicken with superpower which allows you to smash the demon into pieces by bumping or jumping onto them. Only from the premise of this game, we are already falling in love with it!

Super Fowlst You Will Play As A Chicken Who Slays
Tap to slay the demons

The demons come out from Hell when the depths of our planet slowly rises. Who could save our skinking world? Only you - the amazing chicken with superpowers - have the ability to stop this underworld invasion.

Super Fowlst You Will Play As A Chicken Who Slays
The powerful chicken

The control scheme of the game is quite simple: You touch the left or right side of the screen to jump in that respective direction, and to ascend just tap rapidly. You could also swipe up to use the current item in the slot. However, just like Flappy Bird, the chicken will fall down by itself without your control, and falling fast enough would let it plow right through the middle of the demon army. You could also score combos by smashing many demons in one go!

But be careful since the demon army will surely put up a fight. The powerful chicken will also need to dodge many traps such as turbines, buzz saws, and various kind of gadgets. On the other hand, you could take advantage of some of them.

A gameplay's video

Try the game now

You will have a slow increase in difficulty along the progress of the game, and Super Fowls will also give you huge bosses to handle. With all that, the game is very likely to take the spot of December top action game. Now, you should try it for free on the App Store. Android fans will have to wait for a little bit, but don't worry the chicken is coming!