Chinese game developer and publisher Tencent Games is teaming with 101XP, another game studio based in Moscow, to make Era of Legends (Known in China as MT4). This is the fourth addition to its free-to-play online RPG series on mobile that reportedly makes $2 million (Rs 143,290,000) a day. The target audience of this project is millennials who love MMO, as well as casual older players.

Era of Legends is going to be an open-world game. It will initially be released in China and will get a global version later. That makes sense for the Moscow-based studio because according to statistics from Newzoo, mobile games in China have generated a revenue of $23 billion so far this year, which makes up a large portion of the world’s $70 billion.

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The story of Era of Legends is set in the realm of Eminnor. You are tasked with preventing the forces of evil from releasing a dragon god. Throughout the story, you will encounter ferocious monsters that the developers say will use “unique tactics.” There will be 8 characters classes for you to choose from, as well as several professions and skill trees.

Besides combat, the game also promises to bring many other things for you to do. For example, exploring the open world (which presumably has a size 10,000 square meters) on flying mounts, crafting equipment, or training demons to be your personal pets. Moreover, you have the option to switch between the standard and the chibi character models.

Furthermore, Era of Legends will have plenty of multiplayer activities. You can join a guild, team up with other players to take on epic dungeon raids, or fight against them in clan wars.

Founded nine years ago, 101XP now has 170 employees. According to a spokesperson from the studio, it’s published over 100 titles that span across all platforms, from PC and console to mobile. Let’s see what it has in store for us this time with Era of Legends.