The Battle of Polytopia has been considered a game of outstanding quality for some time now. However, with its recent additions, the game has proven that it is so much more than that. No one can deny that The Battle of Polytopia performs really well on mobile devices but this attribute is easily overshadowed by the effort of the developers to add more content and upgrades to the game. The multiplayer mode is quite a success but gamers care more about what the Steam version would get.

The Battle of Polytopia is scheduled to be out on Steam in no time with a price tag of $9.99. Players have 12 tribes of human and the Special Tribes will be available as downloadable content. This release on Window and MacOS will allow players the choice to customize the gameplay that is not available on the mobile version. Plus, another upgrade that fans are longing for is the cross-platform multiplayer mode, which will be out this Spring.

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The Steam version will have something the mobile one does not

The Battle of Polytopia used to be called Super Tribes and it is a strategy title made by Midjiwan AB. What players have to do is to take control of cities with the support of one of the thirteen tribes. The cities can produce stars that are useful in a number of tasks like enhancing technology, engaging in combat, and developing population. However, the more cities you have, the more expensive the cost of technology is and the more land you have to protect against the attack of other tribes.

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You have 12 tribes to start with

You have the choice to play in Single Player or Multiplayer mode. In the former, your ultimate goal is to win by either defeating other tribes or earn the highest score before you exceed 30 turns. The latter mode lets you compete with your friends or battle with them online.