The Graduate Gamer is emerging as a prominent name within the Indian gaming community. This dedicated YouTuber consistently produces videos that delve into ongoing and upcoming events in the world of the popular battle royale title, garnering a dedicated following among viewers.

Boasting an impressive subscriber count of 1.08 million, The Graduate Gamer has become a recognized figure in the Free Fire community. In this article, we take an in-depth look at The Graduate Gamer's Free Fire ID, statistics, and other essential details that contribute to his growing influence.

The Graduate Gamer’s Free Fire ID and stats

The Free Fire ID of The Graduate Gamer is 247162879, and his in-game name is TGC Nik 1M. He also leads a guild known as Team TCG, which has the ID 62230212.

Graduated Gamer
The Graduate Gamer’s Free Fire ID

The Graduate Gamer achieved Heroic rank in BR-Ranked Season 34, a testament to his pro skill in Free Fire. Additionally, he showcased his prowess by reaching the Platinum 4 rank in CS-Ranked Season 20, highlighting his versatility across different Free Fire modes.

BR Lifetime stats

The Graduate Gamer's BR Career stats (Image via Garena)
The Graduate Gamer's lifetime stats in Battle Royle mode

In solo, he has participated in an impressive 1852 matches, emerging victorious in 252, resulting in a commendable win rate of 13.60%. Accompanying these victories are 5354 frags, contributing to an impressive K/D ratio of 3.35.

In duo, he has conquered 375 out of 2699 matches, maintaining a win rate of 13.89%. With a total of 6617 eliminations, The Graduate Gamer maintains a K/D ratio of 2.85, further underscoring his proficiency in this mode.

In squad, he has bested 1810 opponents in 10525 encounters, boasting a win rate of 17.19% and an enviable K/D ratio of 3.72.

BR Ranked stats

The Graduate Gamer's BR Ranked stats (Image via Garena)
The Graduate Gamer's ranked stats in Battle Royale mode

The Graduate Gamer's journey continues to impress. Despite facing challenges, he has participated in two solo games, showcasing a K/D ratio of 2, a testament to his commitment to improvement.

In duo matches, his efforts have yielded victory in three out of 20 matches, resulting in a 15% win rate. Bolstered by 72 eliminations, he maintains an impressive K/D ratio of 4.24.

In the pinnacle of his achievements, he has secured victory in 29 out of 120 squad games in Free Fire BR-Ranked 34, boasting a formidable win rate of 24.16%. His remarkable 667 eliminations lead to an astounding K/D ratio of 7.33.

The Graduate Gamer estimated monthly income

The financial success of The Graduate Gamer's endeavors is evident in his estimated monthly income. According to projections from Social Blade, his YouTube channel generates an estimated revenue ranging from $31 to $499 monthly. Extrapolating these figures for the entire year yields an impressive range of $374 to $6K, affirming his status as a successful content creator.

The Graduate Gamer's estimated monthly income (Image via Social Blade)
The Graduate Gamer's income

The Graduate Gamer YouTube Channel

He has amassed a collection of 111 videos, collectively accumulating 761k video views. Impressively, the channel has crossed the remarkable milestone of 1.08 million views, underscoring the resonance of his content with his dedicated viewership.

While recent traction on the channel has shown a temporary plateau in subscriber growth, The Graduate Gamer's impact remains palpable. In the last 30 days, subscriber count has remained steady; however, the channel's video views have surged by an impressive 124.739k.

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