At a press conference, Pokémon fans were surprised by several amazing new games and services relating to Pokémon revealed by the Pokémon Company, mostly for mobile users. With Pokémon Home, a cloud service, players will have the ability to keep and shift their monsters, which is a great addition to the game. Another interesting thing is about a brand-new peripheral of Pokémon Go named Pokémon Go Plus+. Yes, you don't read it wrong! The title is "plus plus" as you pronounce! Mentioned releases seem a bit complicated, but the real thing that baffles me is Pokémon Sleep.

According to the developer, Pokémon Sleep is a game that “aims to turn sleeping into entertainment by having a player’s time spent sleeping, and the time they wake up, affect the gameplay.” What are you really talking about, Pokémon Company? Is that working as a sleep tracker together with Pokémon Go and Pokémon Go Plus+, and this combination will do some uncertain things that are useful for your Pokémon? If yes, I am waiting for its launch on mobile in 2020 as expected, and I will absolutely use that as a Pokémon themed sleep tracker instead of my current one just to make sure that I will have some good sleep at nights. As we always to find more reason to sleep, now we are allowed to train Pokémon in our dreams.

Pokemon Sleep
Is sleeping really beneficial for your Pokemons?

Select Button, who recently worked on the project of a mobile title called Pokemon: Magikarp Jump, is developing Pokémon Sleep.

Apparently, this announced title raises a lot of questions and confusion all over the internet, especially those who are sleep-deprived Pokémon lovers like me.


In addition, the Pokémon Company also announced that a following title of Pokémon: Detective Pikachu is making its way to Nintendo Switch and Pokémon Home - a cloud-based service that connects your mobile and Switch to allow you to grab your Pokemon and chuck them all together.