The mobile games zone is changing in an unexpected speed and consequently, the gaming industry is also shifting rapidly. Almost every single game is now equipped with Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. These new technologies are making games more interesting and appealing to players. Moreover, they also improve the effectiveness of smartphones and helps construct a connection with players. Sounds interesting? That is not everything, because now we will take you on a tour to some of the biggest trends that are leaving great impact on the 2018 gaming industry.

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The new world of mobile gaming

Higher Quality of Mobile Games

People who play mobile games have always paid a lot of attention to the quality of experiences provided by the game. Many famous games like Fortnite, PlayerUnknown's Battleground (PUBG) and  localized games such as Rummy now provide players with more than just one platform, which makes it more appealing. This is also one of the biggest changes in the mobile game world as players are becoming more and more familiar with longer duration of game timing.

The quality of smartphones has also been improved, as they are now equipped with tons of new technology which enables them to display near-console level graphics. Mobile games are, therefore, taken to a higher level. Developers of games also have better chances to implement even their wildest ideas, and more importantly, unify experiences that gamers can find in each platform. And this is not the end of the story, as mobile games with even higher quality are promised to be available in about five years from now.

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Many high quality mobile games

At present, one of the most challenging problems that mobile games have to face is the touch screen controls. It is proved through actual practices that some games can have full performance under the control of gamepad, but when it comes to touch screen, things are not so easy anymore. To combat this issue, many manufacturers have developed accessories to enhance the mobile gaming experience, such as gamepad, power banks, and more. As a result, people are taking mobile gaming more seriously. There have been many games that players can enjoy both on a smartphone and on any gaming device.

Gaming security

In today’s society, every aspects of life, including gaming, places security as the top priority. When being asked to submit personal information like details of your credit cards or other sensitive pieces of information, of course you have to give it a second thought. You have to consider if the data will be seen by a third party of not. Also the gateway for payment might not be secured. There are many possible kinds of situation, and many risks at the same time. However, the India gaming industry has overcome these kinds of problems and gamers in this country can now stop worrying. Even in situations that involve sensitive information, Indians can rest easy as India is now regarded as one of the countries that have best quality of security checks. And if they wish, they can remain anonymous and when doing so, none of their information will ever be revealed.

Mainstream using Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Both of the two aspects have been and will still play a crucial part in the gaming industry. However, there still exist many issues. Augmented Reality has been a familiar face and gained love from gamers while Virtual Reality still has a long way to go to have a certain place.

Virtual Reality games

Game lovers still prefer virtual reality as the main platform, since there are new innovative games every day. Mobile games nowadays enable players to perform many tasks like raising virtual pets and even interact with them in the real life. Today’s games only need to work on one thing: Games that include both the Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technologies, even on the mobile devices platform. This is just the beginning chapter of the story, and many works are still left to complete.

Challenge of Game Discovery

The making of a mobile game is just the first stage of a long journey. After their games are made, companies want consumers to know about them. Currently, the market is crowded with so many competitors, each one has its own good and bad points. It is becoming more and more difficult for a company to gain a certain place in the gaming industry, let alone competing and winning the race with other companies.

The mobile game market is not an easy one. In order to survive and to develop, each company has to equip itself with a good strategy. Otherwise, the company will not be able to continue the business, no matter how big or small it is.

Mobile gamers are the next billions- dollar market

The traditional markets with mobile gaming already developed are losing their attraction. Game producers are now turning their interest into fast growing markets like India and China where there are millions of people having smartphones. And in order to start a business and develop quickly, it is the game creators’ job to know understand the market and combine that knowledge with localization. When players can find what they want from the game, and there is a connection between the game and their real life, it is very likely that they will be life long friends of the game.

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The new millions- dollar market

India gaming market has the advantage of a mobile centric one. Game developers can mainly focus on the experience players can get from playing their games on mobile devices without the need of trying it on a PC or a gaming console. Statistics gathered also shows that most of game players in India use Android and this platform is also a pretty good base for mobile gaming.


It is very easy for mobile game developers to envision the future of this industry. Mobile gaming will obviously retain its place and develop quickly. The traditional PC can now be replaced with smartphones with full functions. India, with its reasonable data plans, smartphones with economical prices and game options fit for the country, is now leading the ways for mobile gaming development trends of the whole world.