The last SEGA Forever has rolled out for a while; however, now three packs from the Shining Force Series are contained into a new title. This series has changed several times over the years. Shinning in the Darkness, the first title, is a "dungeon-crawler" RPG with turn-based combat. Shining Force and Shining Force II, on the other hand, are tactical role-playing games. Therefore, the package is a solid choice that should meet anyone’s requirement.

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If you are new to SEGA Forever titles, this article will provide you will the details. To bring Genesis games to phone, SEGA developed an in-house emulator. But the issue is that the emulator doesn't perform as well as the other options. Thus, the framerate could be poor. Furthermore, although SEGA clearly listed the controller support on Play Store, a lot of controllers could not work as the system may not recognize the directional inputs. This could be a major issue, since many games were created for accurate controller inputs, and a touchscreen is just hardly practical. Fortunately, Shining Force Classics comprises turn-based RPGs so it does not have this problem. A touchscreen control should be sufficient.

You can snag the title without cost like other SEGA Forever titles but you may be bothered by many advertisements. You do not need to tolerate these ads as there are in-app purchases to remove them. However, with SEGA being as greedy as it is, it will cost you $1.99 per game to remove ads. Yes, that's $1.99 PER GAME, not for all 3 games. A little bit of a redeeeming factor is that you can remove ads in all 3 games at once for $4.99.

Although the SEGA Forever Releases are usually not easy to play using a touchscreen, Shining Force Classics does not have this issue because all three titles follow the turn-based style . To see improved performance, you can try emulating them through an emulator of your own. Nobody could blame you for that. $4.99 is no small price while SEGA has done very little to make its emulator better or solve the problem with controller support. This is an issue that has caused trouble to the SEGA Forever releases from the beginning. At least, gamers can enjoy Shining Force Classics without cost despite enduring troublesome advertisements.