There is no shortage of Android games to choose from on Google Play, but what if you don't have the time to play them all? If that's the case, you need to optimize your fun time by picking the best games to play. Let us help you out a bit with these 10 quality games from multiple genres and categories you should try at least once this February:

Call of Duty: Mobile

call of duty mobile android
Call of Duty: Mobile is one of the top mobile FPS games around

This is one of the top FPS games on Android phones just like the franchise's PC/console versions. The game's design is optimized for touchscreen use, with multiple modes including Battle Royale and familiar characters and locations from the franchise. There are many customizations for your loadouts and appearance, prizes to win and ranks to climb. All of that plus the high-tempo and satisfying gun battles and excellent graphics make COD: Mobile a must-play for FPS fans.


tropico google play
Tropico is great fun for strategy lovers

Not too many quality strategy games for your phone out there, so the Android port of a proven franchise like Tropico is certainly welcome. You play as "El Presidente," a newly elected leader of a small Caribbean nation who must build up your country and try to survive.

The way you choose to govern your nation is up to you: Be brutal and hold onto power at all costs, build a tourist hub and make money, or guide your people through development and industrialization for the country's whole benefit. The combo of juggling economics and politics, plus humorous commentary in this game are hard to pass.

Hades’ Star

hades star android
Scratch your sci-fi strategy itch with Hades' Star

In case you want to play a strategy game with a sci-fi setting this game would be a great choice. There are many things to do in Hades' Star, like colonize planets, build spaceships, conduct trade, explore the universe, deal with enemy aliens to deal, etc. You can play with others on the multiplayer mode and cooperate for missions and alliances. It's a slow-paced game that tests your patience, but if you can spare the time it is certainly worth it.

Shadowgun Legends

shadowguns legends
Shadowgun Legends is one of the most promising games for mobile

How about a bit of sci-fi AND FPS action this time around? Shadowgun Legends lets you battle against aliens and other players with plenty of customizations. Your main hub has lots of things to do, from stores to casinos to characters that need your service. You can loot gear during missions and sell them for better gear, increase your skills and renown as a space mercenary. In addition, your friends can join in for co-op missions and fight in PvP battles. In short, Shadowgun Legends is a great choice for fans of the sci-fi FPS genre.

Stardew Valley

stardew valley mobile
You can now enjoy the farming RPG phenomenon on Android

An RPG mainly focused on farming sounds quite stale from the onset, but not Stardew Valley. In this game, you settle down on a farming community full of endearing characters and fun challenges. You need to figure out how to control your crops, raise livestock, find a significant other and start a family to help you out.

Stardew Valley also has many locations for adventure beyond the tranquil rural village. The game is packed with many things to do over a large map and you can explore them all at your own leisure. The number of players and critical acclaim the game has gotten prove its quality.

PUBG Mobile

pubg mobile
PUBG Mobile needs no introduction for most of us

And here it is, the Battle Royale staple that every Android gamer needs. There are 100 players on a map, but only one will come out on top with the chicken dinner. On Erangel Island, you must learn to master the controls and watch out for threats lurking in every corner. There are tons of weapons and gear to scavenge and vehicles to control, over four huge maps with their own climate. You can play as a duo or as a squad of four with friends, and the game's graphics can scale for most Android devices.

Exploding Kittens

exploding kittens mobile
Cat themes, cat explosions, cat-astrophes

This silly little card game requires you and several other players to avoid dying from an exploding kitten. It's a fun combo of tossing-a-coin luck and Uno-esque strategy, that goes well with cute art and lots of cat references. The learning curve of the game is straightforward but requires practice to get really good. The game is really meant for playing with friends but it does have a single-player option for practice or when you can't find someone to play with.

Fallout Shelter

fallout shelter google play
Building management and Fallout work great together

Anyone familiar with the Fallout franchise would love this game, but even newcomers can enjoy Fallout Shelter all the same. In a post-apocalyptic world, you must defend and expand your underground vault and help your vault-dwellers survive and thrive. Send a scavenging party to obtain supplies and generate resources in your self-sustaining vault to build up your home. Or train your dwellers to skill them up and give them the best weapons and armor they need. Try to do all that and fend off raiders and Fallout mutated creatures who constantly threaten your vault and its dwellers.


oceanhorn android
The Zelda-like RPG game first came out only for the App Store

This RPG game used to be an App Store exclusive, which has been made available for Android users. The game's style should be very familiar to fans of the Zelda franchise, with a great story and pretty graphics. The soundtrack of the game was composed by top videogame composers from Japan, so it should feel even more Zelda-like.

The main character must set out to uncover his father's fate, before getting caught in a bigger mystery surrounding the kingdom of Arcadia, and the monster Oceanhorn. Be aware that the game is only "free" for the first chapter, while the rest of the game must be unlocked via purchase.

Into the Dead 2

into the dead 2
Use whatever means necessary to save your family from zombies, or to just have fun

The first "Into the Dead" had players take out as many zombies as they can. But the sequel lets you do that and a lot more. In the game, you fight zombies through several maps to try to get to your family, and use whatever weapon you can find to smash through the walking dead. The locations in the game are quite varied, which uncover more of the story as you progress. The game also has some nice challenges that you can come back to for more zombie-killing action.

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