Summary: Vampire’s Fall: Origins, a vast-open-world Role Playing Game, has an old-school style that transforms you into a vampire who is defending Vampire’s village against the invasion from the human whose sole purpose is to destroy your species. You can customize your character after choosing a bloodline and start your adventure as a vampire. The game is considered as a grand adventure in a big open world featuring amazing animated 2D graphics. People who are interested can now download freely the game in the Google Play Store now.


Background: This game is, in fact, an older game’ sequel which is Vampire’s Fall - an Adventure Quest kind of RPG from Studio called Early Morning. The game’s story is a lost vampire losing in the open world and have to make a decision for their own fate. This RPG raises the stakes and adds much more depth and also visual beauty. The game was developed for more than 2 years, and their diligent care and effort in any aspect of this game is pretty clear.

Each armor piece and each weapon has an appearance of their own, a well-written dialogue and the branching plot, as well as the large open world, allow gamers to freely play and create their own vampire legend in the start of a possible war between humans and vampires.


Impact: This is not an average vampire story. You generally end up playing as a vampire trying to fight other vampires for some reason like in Dark Legend of Spacetime Studios or Castlevania: Symphony of the Night or, or simply as a man trying to kill vampires. Just like the last studio’s RPG, this time you will become a vampire that has the ability and power to defy the fate of yours. You can be a man of peace and connect the worlds between vampires and humans.


You can hide your fellow vampires away from dangerous humans by plunging them back in the shadows. Or you can also become an evil vampire that was written in countless novels. You are holding in your hands not just your destiny but also all the vampires’ fate in this mobile game.