The very first QuestLord came to the App Store way back in 2013 and there were many reviews quite soon after its release. Eric Kinkead was the sole one to create the game. As a veteran of the game industry for over 30 years, his remarkable careers includes titles in Gameboy, PlayStation, Playstation 2, Dreamcast, Nintendo 64, Gameboy Advance, Windows PC and much more. Here's a quick look at how the game should look like:

The special thing about QuestLord is that for a game among hardcore RPGs, QuestLord is oddly approachable. The story takes place in the fantasy world of the Realms of the Second Age, where the player takes on the role of a QuestLord to help Thelia the Astral Sorceress solve the problem that has plagued the realms for so long. To do that, they  have to maintain a balance of skill and crafting from 5 distinct types of Lore (Battle, Scout, Science, Magic, and Beast). Throughout the adventure, the QuestLord will also have the chance to meet many characters, explore the vast lands, and conquer powerful enemies.

Here are the 5 Lores to pick your character from, each having its own special abilities and skills.

But we’ve got a fabulous news here. Get hyped because QuestLord 2 will hit the App Store very soon, on December 18th. The game will be available for Google Play, Apple iTunes and Amazon Apps. It brings back all the great things from the original, as well as tons of new addition, and you can experience it all for just $6.99.

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At just $6.99, players can experience a vast open and interactive world of Questlord!

The features coming to the game are endless and we’re here to give you some sneak peeks. You can play the game using strafing movement. Experience 5 lore types as well as many skills and abilities. There are hundreds of Non-Player Character to interact with you throughout the game. Also, pets are available to give players a heads-up display map, which you can write notes on. There are 3 game-save slots for you to play the main story arch Adventure. Finally, there are tons of quests and places for you to explore.

Hopefully this sequel can gain the popularity and success as the original did in the past. From what we have seen, it certainly looks like it will.