Linn: Path of Orchards was developed by Fanoos Games and will be published by Crescent Moon Games on 14th February. Crescent Moon has been famous for a couple of previous titles including Morphite, which is currently available on a variety of platforms including Xbox, Android, PlayStation, and Switch, and PC. Another of their famous work is the Deer God, which is available on multiple platforms as well. Linn: Path of Orchards’ artwork is said to be somewhat similar to that of the famous Monument Valley. The following trailer can show you what to expect from the game:

2019 02 13 10

Based on what can be seen from the trailer, we can have an idea about the vibe and gameplay of Linn: Path of Orchards. The game brings players to a rotating world with multiple platforms, and players have to carefully travel to their designated destination and collect certain items to reach their goals, and in the meantime avoiding falling into the abyss below. One more thing can be inferred from the trailer is that the game features beautiful and comfortable soundtrack along with a smooth artwork which will ease your senses while playing the game and also put your platforming skills to the challenge.

2019 02 13 12

The game will be first launched on the Android platform on 14th February, and its iOS version is scheduled to launch the following week, and it is currently available on App Store for pre-order. On the contrary, the same could not be said for Android’s Google Play, which makes sense considering that the game is coming very shortly on this platform. The price for the game on the iOS platform is currently $2.99. As for Android users, we have to wait until the official releases to know the game’s price, but if you are a fan of platformer, you can check the game out when it hits Android on 14th February.